Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Feminine Differential - Fashion Versatility

Wearing Something more than one way.  

I found this sweater on Nordstrom. It could make for a great casual look with jeans or look dressy with a short flare skirt or dress pants. What makes this such a great feminine differential is that a single fashion piece can be worn more than one way.  A warm winter sweater with a matching infinity scarf look or a spring flirty off-the-shoulder look.  

Shop looking for pieces that serve more than one look.  Almost a 2-for-1 but best of all, allows for playing with your look and style.  "Let's be a flirt today" and show some shoulder.  I love feminine fashion. 

Here the link to this item on Nordstrom - Convertible Neck Knit Pullover. $49.00 in both regular and petite and multiple colors. 

Enjoy and most important - ESCAPE.


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