Friday, May 4, 2018

Friend's Friday - End-of-Season Party

Caitlin and designer Massimiliano Stanco
Caitlin and I had a big Palm Beach adventure several Thursdays ago. Not exactly our typical Thursday evening at the Colony’s Polo Lounge.  We arrived and as always were greeted as regulars. We quickly fell into conversations with old friends. Harvey, my good friend from the Sunday Meetup group was there and it is always good to see him. Harvey has such a great sense of humor and always fun. 

A little side note on the Palm Beach Colony Hotel, Polo Lounge. Caitlin and I both had conversation with old-timers there that knew Neil Cargile; AKA, "High Heel Neil".  Neil was a Palm Beach legend,  so we are doing our best to keep the tradition alive.  See my post on Neil.    

About an hour into our evening we were approached and given an invitation to an “end of season appreciation party" going on at a very upscale leather goods studio/boutique on Worth Avenue. The Massimiliano Stanco boutique features handmade leather briefcases, exquisite purses, shoes and even custom designed golf bags. What a unique "Palm Beach" store and happening. I love anything made from leather.   

The boutique located in Worth Avenue's Esplanade shops is within walking distance from the Colony Hotel. So after some encouragement from Caitlin, we walked a block over to the boutique.  

There were maybe 25 there, coming and going and we stayed, enjoyed wine, music, took photos and met the artist/shop owner, Massimiliano Stanco.  He was very friendly, hugs abounded and we were greeted- treated like Palm Beach royalty.  

After the party we returned to the Colony for dinner. 

Here is Caitlin's comment:

Thanks so much for the great time and the great photo! The Colony was a lot of fun, the boutique opening was a blast, and the dinner poolside at the Colony was extra-special!  Now, THAT's an Escape!

Rhonda at the beautifully decorated
Massimiliano Stanco Boutique

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