Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Traveling Girl - Confidence

Travel Outfit

OK - I promise this is the last on the travelogue from two week ago.  (Well maybe a few just photos).  Thanks for your patience and I very much want to hear about yours ESCAPE:  Your turn next!


Sunday morning I got up still in the glow of a successful and meaningful four day college reunion Escape.  My trip was ending and there was nothing left to do but travel home. 

I had forgone an already paid airline reservations (cheap carrier) and instead drove from South Florida to Richmond. My reasoning, even after checking well ahead of time, car rentals were out of sight expensive. There were multiple events occurring that weekend so demand far exceeded supply and all of the rental agencies took full advantage. A car was needed because of multiple places to visit. I enjoy driving and other than being boring and time consuming, the trip is not overwhelming. Even after factoring in the air-fare loss, gas for the trip was far cheaper than renting a car.  

Not willing to give up my newly minted alumna co-ed status, I put on my new VCU T-shirt, comfortable jeans, sneakers, grabbed my purse and headed south on I95 for my drive home.
At every stop it was, "ma'am what can I get you?" (this is the south) and I did not receive even a second look, in the welcome centers rest area.    

As I pulled into the the garage and turned off the car, I snapped the photo below of my instrument cluster. Yes - 870 miles, drive time 12 hours and 45 minutes, average speed 68 MPH and 24.2 MPG. The elapse time was approximately 14 hours accounting for gas, food, rest stops and one major accident delay near Daytona. Trip complete.  

Interesting note: The Google maps estimate was 870 miles and 12 hour and 33 minutes. The accident delay was about 10 minutes.  Amazing technology.    

Thanks to everyone for the rekindled memories and new experiences. Do you have a trip escape to relate?  Please share...  


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