Friday, May 11, 2018

Is the Traditional Face Lift Changing?

By:Vartan Mardirossian MD FACS

A face lift is a common plastic surgery procedure which is medically known as rhytidectomy. It is one of the oldest forms of plastic surgery according to historical records. The invention of the face lift can be dated back to somewhere between 1901 and 1907.

Face lift History

Way back in the early 1900’s, the procedure we know today was obviously quite different. For starters, the results were mediocre at best, and the surgery came at a very steep price. There were a lot of complications, with the most common occurring due to infections from nonsterile practices and shoddy anesthesia methods.

If you fast forward to the modern day, over a hundred years later, you’re presented with almost an entirely different procedure. While the face lift is still a face lift in name, advancements in both surgical practices and anesthesia have made the procedure safer and less painful. Complications that were once common are now increasingly rare, and the results have improved tenfold. Of course, with a hundred years to improve, it is no wonder things have become so much better.

But what about today? Are we still seeing changes in the procedure? Is the traditional face lift changing for our modern world? The simple answer is yes.

Modern Day Face lift

With the procedure now safe, typically complication-free, and garnering unbelievable results, the changes we are seeing is in the options available to patients. Instead of having only the option of a full face lift, patients can now choose to utilize mini face lifts. These new procedures are becoming increasingly popular, thanks in part to the affordability and quicker healing times.

With a mini face lift, the surgery focuses on the middle region of your face, whereas a traditional surgery focuses on this region in addition to the neck and chin. By focusing on this area, plastic surgeons can accomplish the largest results with the least amount of change. This new plastic surgery method is ideal for those who are only beginning to see the effects of aging. Some may not need the extra work which comes with a traditional lift, but rather they only need a little touch up to enhance their natural beauty.  

On a smaller scale, we can expect continued improvements in the way rhytidectomies are done as we move towards the future. Plastic surgeons are continually researching better methods which will increase safety and enhance results. A few examples of what we may expect to see in the next decade or two include:

  • Incision placements that allow scars to be continually less noticeable
  • More options than the traditional and mini face lifts
  • Enhanced results which (while already fantastic) will continue to be more natural and youthful in appearance
  • More cost-efficient options, including additional financing plans
  • Potential advancements in anesthesia

These items are continually being researched by cosmetic surgery professionals to ensure that patients are always receiving the absolute best care. The face lift has come shockingly far since it’s invention over a hundred years ago, and we’re excited to see what the procedure will evolve into during the decades to come.

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