Thursday, May 24, 2018

Classes for Confidence

Sephora is offering a new series of classes celebrating inclusivity and catering to the transgender and nonbinary community.

The classes are the third initiative in a series of in-store programming that Sephora launched in 2016 with Classes for Confidence, complimentary in-store workshops for people experiencing major life transitions. Previous classes, for example, have offered “techniques and products that address the visible effects of cancer treatments.”

Sephora’s transgender cast members ― the brand’s name for its employees ― developed and will host the series. They held their first preview on May 22 in New York City.

Sephora “held focus groups and worked with our employees experiencing their own gender journeys to help determine class content, sensitivity training procedures, and to help figure out which stores would make the most sense,” Corrie Conrad, head of social impact and sustainability at Sephora, told the publication Them.

The trans and nonbinary community is a beloved part of our community and we want to be allies. That’s the point of all our programming: Whether you’re entering the workforce or questioning your gender, that’s a major life transition. We want to be there for you,” 

Source: Huffpost 

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