Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spring Cleaning

I love the graphic to the right.  It looks so cute and looks just like the 50's June Cleaver; every kid's dream mother. Spring cleaning is a ritual that I remember oh so well. The country home in which I was raised was heated by fireplaces and oil stoves both of which were not the cleanest burning or efficient.  

Spring was a time we could finally open up the house and let it "air out" as my mother and grandmother called it. We had porches on either side of the front leading into an entrance hall with stairs going up from there. Both of the large upstairs closets were in a hallway so there was easy direct access from the upstairs closets to the outside porch.  

On the first breezy warm day of spring, my mother would take all of her hanging items out for an "airing". I loved this chore because I got to handle (caress) all of the best of her dresses and help hang them on the porch. I vividly remember watching the dresses all moving with the spring breeze, like an invisible ghost wearing a beautiful dress. 

Remembering that process last week prompted me to do my own spring cleaning. A little fix-it project in the closet encouraged removing items that either do not fit any longer or I have not worn in the past year(s).  

I would have made my mother proud as I hang dress after dress on the patio to "air out".  More than a few items are now permanently out; first for eBay, then a garage sale, and finally Goodwill.  

My loss can now be your gain. I have lots of shoes, dressed and skirts that are going up on eBay over the next few days. Take a look and see if there is anything you like. I have everything for a fixed price "Buy-It-Now" so no waiting for an auction to end. Go ahead and "check out" and I will rebate 10% of the item cost back to you as a "Rhonda's Escape" friend. Just e-mail me.

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  1. Hi Rhonda
    Nice clothes But I am Too Large LOL