Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sad and Angry - A Call to Action

I have been touched more than I want to admit concerning the latest episode of insanity based school gun violence.  Several times yesterday I was at near tears.  My emotion ran from deep sadness to anger.  Sadness that young children are going to school in fear and will be forever scared.  Anger at our political leaders that pander to the gun lobby and do nothing.  

As individuals, we do not make laws. We elect representatives that make laws.  As voters we have a responsibility to elect and hold our leaders to a standard of common good / common sense. I have failed - We have failed.  If I don’t speak up; you don’t speak up, this will continue.  

History is not going to look kindly on those who did nothing during this time of a national tragedy. On which side of this ludicrous episode of America’s history are you?  

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