Friday, May 28, 2021

20 Designs That Defined The Modern World


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The Bra

The bra is a masterpiece of packaging design: not the most efficient way of
accommodating female breasts, but the most attractive. A form of bra was known to the Egyptians and has reappeared throughout history, but it was only in the 19th century that bras began to replace suffocating corsets as chief influence on the shape of women. But old bras rather disguised the female shape in a sort of mono-bosom. In 1910, socialite Caresse Crosby improvised her own bra, separating and emphasizing the breasts; the profile of the modern woman was established.

1 comment:

    As a young lad I was always mesmerized by the variety and ingenuity of the costumes and bras worn by the young "space babes" on the original Star Trek television series.
    I estimate that the writers/producers sensed a need to make sure the FATHERS OF THE YOUNG VIEWERS had to be kept interested in 'tuning-in' every week as most families of the day owned only one television.
    I was amused that the technician in the CNN article was doing a lab study of the classic 'bullet bra'....