Tuesday, May 11, 2021

I love A Success Story - Leslie Townsend


Leslie Townsend
Model, Comedienne, Author

BY : Leslie Townsend

After all, this is called the "Success" page and at first, I had to wonder if I fit that description. For me, it has been a challenge to embrace my successes. For years I held onto the shame of being a trans person. I enjoyed my life and pursued my dreams, but there was this nagging thought that I could accomplish more if I didn't have this baggage to contend with. 

I had a really hard time embracing my "genderality". As we all know, society puts so much pressure on everyone to "fit in". I was always wrestling between society's expectations and the desire to be true to myself. I let society win for a long time.

One of the greatest gifts in life is having the courage to strive for our full potential; physically, emotionally and spiritually. On my journey through transition, I found the biggest hurdle to overcome was not my own inner voice telling me I should be a woman. The biggest obstacles are the ones that society lays in our path to keep us from being true to ourselves. Clearing these hurdles and showing pride in our special circumstances will help change our society. That will truly mean success for us all.

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The Leslie Townsend Fund

What is the Leslie Townsend Fund?

The Leslie Townsend fund supports students making a gender transition during their time at the University of Pennsylvania. Grants from the fund may be used for expenses related to making the transition, such as hormones, therapies, surgeries, legal matters, or for school-related costs. Recipients are eligible for grants up to $500 once per academic year.

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