Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Miraclesuit

 Giraffe Animal Print Swim Suit

"Are you really going out to the pool wearing that suit?" Thus the miracle - I did.  The brand name for the suit is "The Miraclesuit" and it does wonders for the figure. Imagine if Spanks made a bathing suit.

My beach condo, AKA "Beach House", just completely redid the central recreation pool area.  It opened about a month ago and is beautiful. As of May 1st, many of the snowbirds have loaded up their SUVs and headed back north, thus making it wonderfully quiet / uncrowded at the pool. For the last several days I have enjoyed the pool immensely. The warm midday sun (face sunscreen required) feels so good and the pool provides the needed cool down after lounging.  Napping optional.  

What has become the best part of the pool, beach, and community are the friends I have made. Coming back to my place on Christmas Eve I sound a beautiful gift bag at my front door. It contained a holiday candle and card. Up to then I had spoken to several neighbors but not really connected. That one act made me feel welcome, with the feeling that I had new friends. Many times it is not the big gifts, but the small acts of kindness that make the day, week, year.  That made my holiday.  Thank you again.      

The suit was purchased several years ago in Palm Beach and I love it. It is high cut in the front leg area and covers the backside very well. The Miraclesuit is the bestThe pool is directly behind my place and is a very short walk. However, I still wear shorts for some degree of modesty

My 2018 post on "Miracle Suit - Breaking News" also discusses the Miracle Suit.  See also Susan's (Susan-After-60) post, "Swimwear Options and Tips".  She provides some really good advice and is a beautiful woman.   

In Florida, summer is here!  Share with us your pool/beach stories and photos.   

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