Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Feminine Differential - Boxers or Briefs?



  1. Just the other day, while I was sorting the laundry, I found a "tighty-whitey" brief. At first, I thought one of our grandsons had left them behind (OK, that pun was unintentional, but I'm leaving it in) from last Mother's Day - although I couldn't imagine why they would have taken off their underpants for that occasion. It's been eight years since I have even owned a pair, myself. Upon closer examination, though, I noticed that there was no fly in the shorts. So, I asked my wife about it, and she told me that she bought them because they looked comfy, and that they actually were. She plans on buying a few more now. I joked with her about her cross dressing, but I've since seen her wearing them, and they look great on her - and totally as feminine as she is. As happy as I was to give up my tighty-whities for more-feminine underwear, this is a reminder that femininity comes from the wearer, and not from the clothes one wears. ;-)

    My vote goes for BOY SHORTS. They are generally NOT for boys, but for 'us' I recommend an exception.
    Many styles of BOY SHORTS are cut and styled very much like the standard legged version of MENS boxers/briefs/shorts, so you would be OK to wear to the gym as they would be virtually indistinguishable for 'guy' shorts.
    My favorite boy shorts are "Vassarette microfiber boyshorts". The smooooth, soft, supple weave of the polyester microfiber will have you caressing your own .... ;-) !!!
    I have even purchased these boyshorts in my wifes size for her own (and my)approval....
    Unfortunately, it seems that Vassarette has been bought out by some huge manufacturer, but if you can find them in close out, do give them a try. You will be one happy femulator....

  3. Classic briefs and Hi-cut are my go to briefs. I do own a couple of control briefs but find the first two more comfortable.