Monday, May 24, 2021

Cher On Having A Transgender Child

Honest Quotes About Motherhood From Cher

From The HuffPost 

On Having A Trans Child:

Look, I didn’t handle [Chaz’s coming out] all that well in the beginning. It took me a minute. Because you’ve been with a child for 40 years, and then all of a sudden ... but you know what? Chaz was so happy! ... As a matter of fact, I was just telling this to my friend last night. It’s like, if I woke up in the morning, and I wasn’t me anymore and I didn’t feel like me and I couldn’t be me, I would just be beyond grief stricken. And that’s what I have to tell a mother or father: You are who you are, but how would you feel if you were someone else and you couldn’t be that someone else? That’s how I had to get it. And, you know, I didn’t do it all that well in the beginning. So, I can’t take too many kudos, but now, it’s fabulous.

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