Thursday, May 13, 2021

Should The Term Cross-Dressing Vanish From Our Vocabulary...

As Everyone Dresses The Way They Feel?

I discovered a blog recently that discusses "The New Fashions - Styles Beyond  Gender".  One would think it is about cross dressing. It is not and makes a cutting-edge comment about the subject. I will discuss in a future post why I agree that cross-dressing, as an expression, is obsolete.  Your comments first?  

Read the "Footloose and Fashion-Free!" comment.    


We are living exiting times in many senses: technologies allow us to stay in touch with people from around the word and humanity even starts reaching for distant planets.

When it comes to gender, we have gone a long way into accepting our ample, rich sexual diversity that goes way beyond the traditional gender binary: after many centuries of stereotypes, people finally start presenting themselves as bi-gender, non-binary, genderless, genderfluid.

Even cis-gender people, i.e. those falling into the conventional ”male” and “female” categories, are acting, even unconsciously, in ways far removed from traditional patterns: Ladies are becoming more assertive, while gentlemen are allowed to show their emotions and display their “feminine” side.

All this slow but steady modifications in our conduct, which I consider to be extremely healthy and honest, cannot help but being expressed in the way we dress.

Ladies wear pants and “power suits”, while the creativity, the flair, the colors, the design, which used to be reserved for the girls only, are finally reaching the menswear department. Males don’t have to settle for the same old boring, gray, stuff.

Skirts, heels, jewelry and flower-patterns in bright colors for men are not uncommon any more.

My blog, promotes designers and creators of non-conforming fashions.
 WARNING: It’s not a blog about "cross-dressing". That's a word that hopefully will one day vanish from our vocabulary as everyone dresses the way they feel...


Male Model Nikita Wolfe

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  1. I can't agree that the phrase "cross-dressing" should vanish. For myself, I dress either as male OR as female. No blurring or gender-bending with what I wear. For me, as I'm sure for many others, wearing female clothes and putting on makeup and a wig is still going to be "cross-dressing". People who transition, medically or just socially, are no longer doing that. It becomes another way to denigrate heterosexual dressers, when we should all be united in support of each other.