Monday, May 10, 2021

Gender Blender - A Blog

I found this blog and it is so interesting that a couple can achieve this degree of acceptance / joy. What a beautiful couple enjoying life. Refreshing and gives us all cause to be envious.  Thank you Vlasta and Michaela for sharing your life with us.  


Gender Blender - About 

We are happy couple enjoying life. This blog is about our experience, which we call "continuous sociological survey".

The wedding

We are an “almost” normal heterosexual couple who met in 2018 and got married in 2019. We found each other in an unconventional sense of humor, in a shared leisure experience, all pants and skirts despite 😊

Many people live their lives waiting for something that will bring them happiness. We call it “I’ll be happy when…” When we buy a new car, a new apartment, when we go on a dream vacation, when… You can name it. But we think happiness is the joy of little things.

We would like to share with you our experience that the joy of life and freedom brings to us. We’ll try to bring our experience closer to you, we’ll try to show you that “it” is possible. Because, as Vlasta says, we only live once, and we don’t want to regret that we didn’t do something we could have done.


Although it is not very polite to reveal it in women cases, she was born in 1971. She has two children from her first marriage, Andula, 20, and Matěj, 18.


Vlasta was born in 1967. He has two children Mia, 13, and Max, 18. He did not get married, according to his words, because he didn’t have enough time. Life is so fast… 😊

Wonderful Venice in these extraordinary times

In these extraordinary times we have decided to visit the wonderful and charming Venice. We did go there because we wanted to take advantage and see the city without tourists. We have been there before and have seen it packed with hordes of them. But this time it was different. We do understand, that for the business are these times difficult, but we think, that it was once in the lifetime opportunity.

We don’t want to tire you out with the details of our visit, but we thought you might like the photos of our outfits we wore in Venice. Hope you would enjoy it, as we enjoyed the visit.

Take care, be yourself and don’t waste your time with people who do not deserve it.  Vlasta & Michaela 

Vlasta’s Birthday

Just a few pictures from my birthday. We went out to dinner with the kids yesterday and during the day we walked through Prague, stopped at our favorite restaurants, had some drinks and during the time we exchanged several outfits, as you can see. Michaela baked me Pavlova’s amazing cake, and I got beautiful flowers from her. The last stop was in our favorite restaurant Tiskárna, where we had our wedding reception a year ago.

Tosca at The State Opera – An Opportunity for Evening Dress

We have seen Tosca at The State Opera yesterday. The performance was breathtaking. And we finally enjoyed the opportunity to wear evening dress. 

Due to the covid pandemic, the performance was moved from the spring term, and took place in a slightly modified mode. The individual groups of visitors were separated from each other, including separate entrances. We thought for a while if we should go at all, but in the end we were glad we did. Even though the performance was sold out, in the end one third of visitors did not arrive. So even the social distancing was artificially created.

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