Thursday, January 27, 2022

Exploring All of My Sides - Feminine and Masculine.

I Feel More Like a Man While Wearing a Dress Than I Ever Did in a Suit


Sebastiaan Vermeulen went viral after sharing photos of his homemade outfits—including skirts and dresses that fall outside what might be considered traditional menswear. Sebastiaan tells Men's Health why he started making his own clothes in the first place, and how experimenting with gender-fluid fashion has helped him express his masculinity.

 Sebastiaan Vermeulen 
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These days, I try not to think anymore in terms like feminine and masculine. I am not just 'a man', I'm Sebastiaan. I might tear up at a sad movie, and I wear dresses because I love how they look and they are unimaginably comfortable. I also love pumping iron to challenge myself and I love wood and metalworking because there is no feeling like making your own furniture. Exploring all of my sides, feminine, masculine and otherwise, is an on-going process, and it's a journey I expect to be on for the rest of my life.

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