Friday, January 7, 2022

The Feminine Differential - Balconette vs Bralettes

Balconette                                                Bralettes

Soma had 16 different types of bras.  Even within types, there are sub-sets; strapless, racerback, nursing, wired or wireless, front/rear close, etc. My day-to-day work when not working with customers includes stocking each type by size (band), cup, and color.  We hang some on the wall by type and file all others in drawers, by size/type/color  Due to space limitations, sizes bigger than "DDD+" (G) are stored in the backroom in boxes by band size. Truth is, there are times I get so confused.   

Below are two types of bras that should be in your closet. They serve different comfort/support levels and both are just fun! Shop! Escape!   

What Is a Balconette Bra?

Telling signs that you have found a balconette bra are in the cups and straps. The cups offer a little less coverage than a classic demi for an added emphasis on your natural cleavage and the straps are set wider apart for the same purpose, almost to the edge of your shoulders. Fun fact: the balconette bra is named after the architectural feature because it is supposed to act as a literal balcony, or shelf, for your breasts. 

Soma Stunning Support 

The Balconette bra in microfiber and lace with lightly padded, underwire cups for lifting and shaping while providing extra-firm support. Silicone trim inside upper edge, detachable, adjustable shoulder straps, and hook-and-eye fasteners at back.

What Is a Bralette Bra?

Bralettes contains no underwires or clasp and comes in different style cuts, but the most common is a triangle cup design. What makes them a game-changer in bras is their unique ability to function as a fashion staple to wardrobes. Bralettes come in a variety of materials, such as microfiber, mesh, lace, and even silk. They add razzle and dazzle to humdrum undergarments, come in various styles, and boast dynamic details, like unique embroidery, fun designs, and out-of-this-world colors that turn up any outfit's volume day or night. If your style is less boisterous than others, no worries. Bralettes offer a low-key, comfortable, cool vibe; and there are plenty of styles to choose from too!

Soma Embliss 
One of the main advantages of a bralette is the comfort they provide which, in the opinion of many women, far surpasses that of the conventional bra.  Bralettes are, by design, less restrictive of the breasts and are often described as a 'healthier', gentler option for such a sensitive area of the body.

The bralette are very popular at our store.  Soma has one verity of the Bralette "ENBLISS Luxe Adjustable Bralettehas" it has a wide lower band for support and removable padding for the cups.

Stana's Femulation Quotation - Feel like a woman. Wear a bra!

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