Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Palm Beach HRC Winter Fête 2022

Caitlin, my friend, described my 
outfit as "Understated Chic"

 Fête: A lavish outdoor festival
or celebration. 

Saturday the Palm Beach HRC organization held its 2022 Winter Fundraiser event at an amazing Palm Beach mansion. A sellout crowd attended with the city mayor, congressional delegates, and several judges in attendance. The legal and medical community was also well represented. This is the "be seen" LGBT event of the year with many interesting out of town (Palm Beach snowbirds) in town.  

I am on the board and represent the "T" side of the alphabet soup within PBCHRC. I see that the group locally does much good. One of our major role is in the pre-election interviews of candidates as to their views on issues that affect our community.  An HRC endorsement is coveted.    

The event was held around a lavish outdoor pool and the weather cooperated fully; 73 degrees and clear with an almost full moon shining. A huge sponsored open bar kept everyone entertained and Hors d'Oeuvres on platters moved through the crowd all evening. The sushi table was also a major attraction.  

There were lots of hugs from old friends and great discussions with new friends.  Palm Beach this time of the year attracts very interesting people. 

A nice "Escape" evening and as the old saying goes, "All dressed up with somewhere to go!"  And if I  may add, be seen. 

The Open Bar 

The Pool - Do you like the two angles guarding?

Stay tuned - There was a Palm Beach art gallery opening I attended before the HRC party.  



  1. Winter, you say?
    Jealous, just watching the ice storm move northward from NC...

    1. Winter YES - I wore an off the shoulder 3/4 sleeve sweater...