Friday, January 21, 2022


Meaning (adjective) "Sure to happen"

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Board of Governors on Wednesday (1/19/2022) voted in support of a sport-by-sport approach to transgender participation that preserves opportunity for transgender student-athletes while balancing fairness, inclusion and safety for all who compete. The new policy, effective immediately, aligns transgender student-athlete participation for college sports with recent policy changes (PDF) from the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee and International Olympic Committee.

Forbes Magazine stated:

It’s over. More than a decade after establishing a landmark policy of equality in sports as a human right, the National Collegiate Athletic Association caved under pressure to tear it all up.  

The bottom line: Depending on how it evolves, this new policy is either exactly what opponents of trans inclusion in school sports have been clamoring for, or potentially, it could be their [our] worst nightmare.

What the NCAA put in place in 2011, was broad base, through all sports, support for  transitioning athletes  One could point to NCAA guidelines that not just applied at the collage level, but served as a blueprint for even little kids plays soccer on Saturday morning. Now that support is gone and each, sport, league, or individual competition can set its own rules; with their bias well placed.   

There is no longer governing leadership. The national governing body of each particular sport will be responsible for determining the participation of transgender athletes.  Each group will be subject to regional political/liberal whims and media pressure.  

There is no putting this toothpaste back in the tube. 

A sad day and a step back for transgender inclusion. However, it was inevitable.  As I stated in, I Do Not Like This Success Story "... just because you can do something (either through legality or ability), it does not mean this is the best use of your effort."  


On a day when there was bad news, it gets worse: Arizona Bill Would Ban Transgender Girls, Women From Teams

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