Monday, January 3, 2022

Feminine Differential - The Tank Top


Tank tops are not likely on your fashion radar at this time, however I found the two tops at Banana Republic as I was leaving the Mall/work a few day ago. I was thinking they looked cool, and would dress up a pair or jeans of my new Venus Cargo Pants. I have already worn my cargo pants twice to events and like the loose fit and edgy accent at the ankles. The cargo pants look great with heels and draws your attention down to the shoes.  

Banana Republic is all sold out of the center top on-line, but has a few of the Organic Cotton Sweater Tank left in white on sale. I was thinking for summer (9 months in Florida) this will be a perfect casual look for warm evenings. 

Always remember the shoes make or break the outfit and make the feminine differential.   

1 comment:

  1. I can't do tank tops unfortunately. My arms and shoulders are a bit too...muscular. Sigh. Just doesn't look right. So I end up wearing long sleeve blouses most of the time.