Friday, January 14, 2022

Some Day My Ship Will Come In (or Sail)

I love to take cruises. There does not exist a more inclusive trip/vacation that provides so much to do.  Where else can you be "beach casual" on a private island for a picnic buffet lunch, and four hours later be in an elegant cocktail dress for dinner and show.  And, that is just one day of your seven-day adventure. If at any point you are overwhelmed by activities, just sit by the pool as the ocean moves underneath you.

Last year was a no-go as the entire cruise industry shut down under strict CDC Covid-19 restrictions. The cruise industry, which is a big part of the Florida economy has reopened. However, the CDC now with its myriad of confusion directives is allowing cruising again but states "Avoid cruise travel, regardless of vaccination status".  What?  Previous mandatory guidelines are now voluntary despite the much easier to contract coronavirus variant.  What?  

Crazy Florida is acting like there is no problem. Masks are seen rarely and discouraged by a governor that will not answer a direct question on his vaccination status.  Plus, our governor's directives run counter to CDC/OSHA/NIH commonsense recommendations.  It falls to the individual to make protective decisions.   

Update 1/15 Cruises sail into a new era of Covid self-policing

Donna Shalala, former Health and Human Services secretary and a former Democratic lawmaker from Florida, supports letting cruises continue but agreed that CDC’s messaging has been confusing.

I don’t know how to describe it other than I just don’t understand how they’re making decisions at the CDC. I’m not being critical; I’m simply saying I don’t understand. I think the cruise industry has done everything they can possibly do.”


I had a cruise booked for the end of January that is now delayed until early spring. Although fully vaccinated, I do not want to chance a forced extended quarantine or have ports-of-call deny/cancel excursions.      

The above two items are Venus. The Floral Bodycon Dress and Abstract Convertible Dress were purchased with the cruise in mind.  So, someday my ship will sail, and I will be ready.  Stay tuned... 

Someday Cruise Wear 

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  1. When my ship comes in, I'll probably be at the airport.
    (someone funny said this once...)