Monday, January 31, 2022

Mercedes Club - Manatee Lagoon Visit

Last weekend my Mercedes Club visited Manatee Lagoon.  It is dedicated to educating the public about the Florida Manatee.  It is a beautiful facility built by Florida Power and Light (FPL) that provides lectures, a zoological exhibit, and multiple viewing areas to see the Manatees. The Manatees migrates south from cooler inland streams to the power plant’s warm-water discharge to stay warm during our cooler winter months.  

The day we were there we saw over ten up close to the dock and one adorable calve (baby). The whole area is open to the public and admission is free. 

During our visit we had an enlightening private lecture on the interesting Florida Manatee. Here is how they describe their private lectures:

Step outside the center’s back doors to join one of our educators, a 'Manatee Master', to learn some cool facts about our favorite marine mammal and other local marine life. Hear about “all things manatee,” learn what you can see from the observation deck and get answers to manatee-related questions in a Q&A session following the presentation.  

If you visit South Florida in the winter (like everyone else) it is a must see.  Manatee Lagoon 

A fun visit.      

Part of our group and for once I made the group photo.  

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