Thursday, February 9, 2017

County Fair - Then and Now

I have always love the Fair. I remember my mother taking me to the county fair every fall while growing up. The rides, smell of cotton candy and exhibits. My grandmother always had something entered and there was the occasional blue ribbon. In the photo above I was 5 years old.  Thank you mom for taking and saving the photo.  

Fast forward to last week and I attended the South Florida regional fair. What a blast from the past and I took it as an opportunity to take photos. It also sent me looking through the old family album for childhood photos - Success. 

Not exactly an escape but close -  The current photo is with almost no makeup and trust me the hat was just a photo prop - No purchase was made. Below is a photo of one of the rides. The Photo captures the noise, motion and color of what a "Fair" is all about.  Enjoy.

  South Florida Fair 2017 

Stay tuned: I have a special guest post coming up tomorrow.  

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