Thursday, February 2, 2017

Help Wanted

From the The Sachse News (Sachse, Tex.) 2005

You have to love Google where you can search or anything. This classified "Help Wanted" is real and not made up. I especially like the part about "No experience necessary".  

About 20 years ago I saw a sign in front of a local car-wash that was very similar.  "Help Wanted - Part Time Girl". A true laugh out loud moment. 

It was a time before we had cell phone cameras and I quickly went home to get my camera. By the time I had returned the sign had changed. I assume the job had been filled. Oh Darn!

Truth be know; I am not sure if I went home to get my camera or my resume. 


  1. but doesn't the comma save the ad Rhonda?

  2. Do you mind if I share your pictures of the Palm Beach March?