Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Feminine Differential - Fun Shopping

This is an outfit I have put together for an upcoming event. It is a little warm most of the year here in South Florida for this outfit, but I love our cooler months. January and February are as close as we get to a cool season and I do have many beautiful sweaters. I enjoy the winter look. In addition, this look is great for my winter and spring travels north.

The outfit consists of the Chico's Sweater that arrived a few weeks back. At first try, I did not like it because it shown as an off-the-shoulder look. On my shoulders, I could not get it to drop over. I was thinking it is too small.  On second try, the excess material around the neck does fall just as the edge of the shoulder. The opening frames the neckline beautifully. and has a hit of sparkle. This likely is better in that it does not accentuate my larger than average shoulders. It was originally $99 and on sale for $24. OK, a keeper. 

The pants are my go to pants that are always available at Talbots. (Raleigh Pant-Double Weave/Ivory) These come in a variety of styles, fits, and colors. A size 10P always fits perfect even down to the length with heels.  This is the one item that I grab when I do not have a lot of time to work at what to wear. Talbots' Red Hanger sale is going on now and the pants were originally priced at $119 are on sale at $32 - A good buy. 

The shoes are Cole Haan and the purse Michel Kors from last season.  Maybe a little too much of a match, if that is possible. However it works. 

Don't you just love this part of femininity? The planning. The going into the stores and trying different looks.  We are not talking mission shopping - We are talking an afternoon at the mall, checking many stores and then a stop at the mall Starbucks to regroup.  Next, a few more stops to check out shoes and jewelry.  

All this for the excitement of getting dressed and knowing that all your planning payed off.  You look good.  Now the excitement of the escape.     


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