Friday, February 10, 2017

Guest Post - I LOVE ballet flat

Guest Post By Brian

I'd like to thank Rhonda for reaching out and asking me to say a few words about my "Escape" and something that's a passion of mine.  Rhonda's Escape is about doing what YOU want and not what OTHERS want even though it might be perceived as out of the ordinary or not normal. What is normal these days? Basically just do what makes you happy.

Back in late 2016 Rhonda did a post about those cute and feminine little shoes that most girls or women own a pair or two called ballet flats.  This is how my "Escape" tied in with that post.  I LOVE ballet flats, I LOVE shopping for ballet flats, I LOVE wearing ballet flats and yes, I'm one of the guys that wears ballet flats.  

I LOVE ballet flats;
Other than high heels most shoes can be made to look like they were designed for women, men or are unisex.  One other shoe design that is for women only is ballet flats.  To use Rhonda's words from her post about ballet flats, "they scream girly." OK so I'm a bit girly, this is all about ESCAPES right?

I LOVE shopping for ballet flats;
A guy shopping for ballet flats for himself is not something you'll see everyday but it does happen more than you might think.  It's so easy to find a pair either on-line or in a store.  Some guys don't feel comfortable having a sales clerk help them and I understand that, but from my personal experience having a sales clerk help me while shopping for a cute pair of flats for myself can be fun.  I was surprised how well I was treated in high end boutiques while buy flats for myself.  They treated me like a king...or is that a queen?

I'm one of the (many) guys that wears ballet flats;
We already determined ballet flats scream girly so if you are a guy wanting to wear them you should prepare yourself for peoples reactions to your feminine footwear.  Now days most people are too busy to even notice, some people might spot them and pay you a nice complement or kindly ask you about your choice in shoes.  Lastly there is the never know what to expect reaction.  I could write a book about people reactions to me wearing my ballet flats. Everything from giggles and finger pointing to comments about sexual orientation  I've never felt threaten by these reactions but one day while wearing my pink patent Tory Burch flats at the mall a couple of red neck dads and their rug rat kids decided it would be fun to take cell phone pictures of me wearing my bright pink patent ballet flats. After their Kodak moment they moved along.  I'll admit, my bright pink flats were hard not to notice.  I still wear pink or other bright colored flats when I feel like it but most days I stick to more conservative colors.  

People have called me brave or courageous for wearing ballet flats but it's more of a passion or ESCAPE. 

Rhonda, Thanks for sharing your blog and your posts.


My Note:  Brian, thank you so much for sharing. I did a Google search for "Men wearing Ballet Flats" and there you were. I know all my readers will love your article and I do love your courage.  See, Escape can come in many forms.   


  1. Thanks Rhonda for letting Brian giving us insight to his experience with ballet flats. I must be rather na├»ve concerning them, I never thought of them as ultra-feminine! Maybe as they don’t have a raised heel they would be sort of ‘neutral’. Apparently not.
    Over the last couple of years I have collected a number of shoes with ‘elevated’ heels (I just love high heels!). But I also have two pairs of flats, one in red and the other slightly more elegant in black (see my heel collection, right at the bottom). As I’ve never been out as Abigale and as with all my wardrobe, they have only been worn around the house. I may now think about taking the plunge and venturing out in them, at least the black pair!
    And Brian, it’s passion. Every time you go out in them you start a dialogue that contributes actively to breaking down barriers. Thank you.

    1. Hi Abigale.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your kind words. Sounds like you have a nice collection of feminine footwear. Most women and some men love high heels, I know I do. I also own several pairs of high heels. There was a time I'd wear mine when going out but then I stopped. Not cuz I don't love heels but cuz I look/feel awkward walking in heels. Some women and men have mastered walking in them but I'm not one of them. I've accepted that ballet flats are perfect for me. They still have a nice feminine look just minus the heel. I find a feminine pair of plain black flats very easy to wear. If I want the ultra-feminine look I'll choose a colored pair or wear them with my jeans rolled up or short so the flats themselves are completely exposed. It's whatever I feel in the mood for that day.

      I hope you've venture out in your black flats or even as Abigale. Take Rhonda's lead and join in on the ESCAPE.

  2. Thanks Abigale for the comment.

    I love the name and bet there is a story there.

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  5. Rhonda, I always love coming back and visiting this post you did on me and ballet flats passion. I hope it’s been viewed by many stylish women and hot gay men.

  6. That’s great to hear it’s gotten so many views.