Monday, February 27, 2017

Musings from the Mutual Admiration Society

Last week in Montreal, I planned ahead to meet friends. Joanna is beautiful and a fellow blogger/prolific writer that post every day. If you are not already reading Joanna's blog let me introduce you to her blog “Musing from My Everyday Life…”.   The subjects are always relevant and thought-provoking.  Of all the blogs I read, her blog is the one that I read while having my morning tea. I need to be awake and fully conscious. There is no question that Joanna thinks deeply and her research and intelligence is unmistakable.  

She is a self described "relatively content transgender person" like myself.  

Her writings are like a fine meal of several courses. No fast food here and the wow factor typically kicks in at about the second paragraph. If you are not reading Joanna’s blog on a daily basis – do.  You will learn positive point about being transgender and will learn about the world according to Joanna.  You will come away better informed and inspired.  

We had dinner on Valentine's day at a very busy upscale Montreal restaurant and were told that we only had an hour and a half – A busy night. About 10 minutes into the conversation I knew that was not going to be enough time. We ate, talked, laughed, and shared. After dinner and out of our allotted time, we moved to a nearby Starbucks to continue. 

Absolutely amazing as to how much we had in common, especially on coming to accept our transgender nature. Transgender acceptance as we all know has stages starting from denial/rejection,  proceeding to depression/despair and finally ending up with acceptance. Rare few of us come to celebrate the woman within; Joanna is just such the woman. 

Read and learn from Joanna’s writings. She has much to offer and I so valued the time we spend together talking. We actually had another dinner later in the week and our conversation eloquently continued. 

Meeting and talking to like-minded ones in our community is another wonderful form of ESCAPE. "Escape and surround yourself with people who accept you and believe in you.”  The seeking of positive role models helps with self acceptance and self approval. 

Thank you, Joanna, for your time in Montreal, good conversations and for writing such an inspiring/informative blog. There will always be a link on my blog to your blog.  

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  1. it was my distinct pleasure to overlap with you Rhonda and let's hope we can do it again soon!