Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Feminine Differential – Complexity

Chico’s Carmela Cape Pullover
When getting dressed I am sure that women get used to the complexity of it all.  Maybe it is related to the variety or just plain fashion, however many of the items are complex.  One of the best example is the bra. Have you mastered the back closure?  I admit that i have not.  I use the "hook and spin." method.  I put it on backwards, hook the closure in front then spin it around. There I have admitted to my own feminine incompetence. I guess cheating is the front closure.  

Just in case you were thinking there were only two methods, do read Tomima's Lingerie and Underwear Expertise blog for hints and a third method. Yes, three.  

The reason I though of this is I purchased the Chico’s Carmela Cape Pullover. It is just a adorable as photographed shows.  I love it and it will get used for those cool on the patio South Florida dinners. It looks like there is a wool scarf looping around your neck and going down the back.  The back part is attached and gives the back a layered look.  The scarf you will not leave behind. Sound simple, right?

Out of the shipping bag it came and the back loop part, fell behind.  Now, I am an engineer and try as I might, I could not figure how to put it on.   I could not find the arm holds, of which there are none on the top part. How do you get the back part over your head after you have put shell on?  Where are the instructions?  Looks simple in the photo, right? Not……

Finally, I put it on a hanger, brought the top/scarf over to it's proper place and then kind of backed in from under the hanger. Are you laughing yet?
So do you have anything like that?  Don’t get me started on my pair of bib style jeans. Buttons on both sides to just get access to the zipper. How do you do back zipper dresses or back button tops?  Side zip pant are fun and require twisting and has anyone ever tried the old style "back zip pants".  I remember my mother having those.  

Tell us about your most complicated feminine item?  


  1. As a point of pride I always hook my bra in the back. This method is what I have seen my wife do for over 40 years. Recently however I have seen her on one or two occasions use the front hook spin around method.

    I do have a few long line bras that are fairly rigid and have 8-10 hooks. I cannot get this on hooking from the rear so I will hook up the bra in front and then spin it around.


  2. It absolutely has to be bras! I have a hard time believing that after years of wearing a 38C in almost a dozen styles, I head over to our neighborhood Khols to look for a new t-shirt bra, and it seems that 38C has either shrunk several inches, or my rib cage mysteriously enlarged itself over time (and it's all skin and bones around my upper chest. Time for a real bra fitting!

    BTW: I love your blog! You always find very appropriate topics! Keep up the great work!