Sunday, February 5, 2017

Super Sunday Funnies - Super Bowl Ads

In honor of Super Bowl today I give you my favorite commercials from the 1999 Super Bowl. This is likely one of my favorite ads ever.  It took on new meaning this past year when I attended my high school reunion.   

I had several reaction very much like the "Bob Johnson" character. Priceless.   

Here is a little history from Time magazine on what transpired (pun intended) after this ad ran. It listed it as the number 3, among the "Most Controversial Super Bowl Ads Ever". 

For some reason Holiday Inn thought a joke about transgender people was the best way to promote $1 billion worth of upgrades at their hotels. In this 1999 ad, a beautiful woman struts across the room at a class reunion as the narrator lists the cost of each of her body parts. A former classmate decides to flirt with her, but his look of excitement turns to shock when he realizes she is actually Bob Johnson. The ad angered enough viewers that Holiday Inn abandoned the Bob Johnson character shortly after the Super Bowl.

I was not angry and thought it was brilliant/inspiring.  Do you have a favorite? Maybe this one from YouTube or this one from YouTube and one more from YouTube.  

Enjoy the Super Bowl and may the commercials be funny.  


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