Monday, February 6, 2017

Birthday 2017

Birthdays have become the “me” day.  Although I am a year older and at my age that is starting to become an accomplishment, it is not all about me. It is about the mother that gave birth to me and those who shaped my early life. The day I was born is just as random as my gender and the color of my eyes. I personally had nothing to do with those. Not arbitrary, was the love, attention and care that was provided me by my mother and grandparents.
So today on my birthday, I honor my mother Inez and my grandparents Roberta and Jimmy. I say with a loving heart, thank you for bringing me into this world and giving so much of yourself.  Thank you for the unconditional love, guidance and support. I wish I could tell them how much they meant to me and how important you were to me.
If by chance, you are fortunate enough to still have your parents or grandparents, honor them on your birthday. Let your present be telling them much you love them. Your birthday is not about you. It is about honoring those that got you to that day. 

Thank you from the daughter you never knew you had. 


  1. happy birthday Rhonda. Hope to see you soon!

  2. We wish you a wonderful birthday, and many, many more!I also really like your thoughts about honoring your parents.It's very nice thought!