Friday, February 24, 2017

Winter Wonderland

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed my winter wonderland visit last week. Canada for a very good reason is becoming very appealing. Not just politics..... 

The day before I arrived about 18" of new snow had fallen. For this Florida girl it was like I had just stepped into a Christmas card.  OK the wonder wore off a little when the next morning, I had to brush a fresh 3" of snow off my car. What, no snow day?  

The photo above is in my fresh new winter coat and Pikolinos heel boots. It was taken while walking to the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Saturday morning. I will write more on the museum visit next week and all the other events in Montreal. What a beautiful city and fun trip.    

Happy Friday!     


Matching Coats.....  


  1. good thing you didn't kill yourself with those boots! next time more practical ones!

  2. These were the good winter boots. Not the high heel killers that we walked miles in. What we will do for a Starbucks visit. Joanna, what a nice dinner.