Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Society Event Work

The Palm Beach charity ball/event season is in full swing.  Thursday night I have the wonderful opportunity to work at another Palm Beach Society Event. This one was for a county health organization that provides medical, dental, and physiatric care to all - with no regard to their ability to pay. What a concept. There are private grants, some state funding and donations. That is where the event came in.

We started early the day of the event to set up and decorate. That included arranging flowers, decorations and setting out the silent auction items. The event was held at a private Palm Beach Club that is elegant and accustom to handling events of this type. After decorating we all took a quick break to go home and get changed and return for the reception.  

I loaded all the attendees on to my Android Tablet and was the official greeter / check in person. I was the first person they encountered after valet parking their cars.  I did ask "Are you sure this is where you want me?"  And the answer was yes. I started at 5:15 and we still had people coming at 6:45. The event was just a cocktail reception with speeches and awards. We had a band playing french music and attendees gathered  both in an inside and an outside area. The weather was beautiful - Low 70's. We had well over 200 in attendance. There were some that knew me from my work in Palm Beach and other events.

The auction of donated items went very well and after the auction closed it was my responsibility and my three other co-workers (photo above), to find all the bidders and collect/deliver the won items. After being in 3" heels for almost 3 hours I was super tired. Cleanup was accomplished in flats. 

I love doing these society events and hope that more opportunists come up. I am working with a fantastic non-profit event coordinator, so let's hope. 

All dressed up, somewhere to go and a worthy cause.  It does not get any better than that!   


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