Friday, February 17, 2017

Fashion Girlfreind

I am starting to really get into a casual ankle boot look.  Good advice is found here.  It looks just dressy enough to be wearable out shopping, lunch or a girlfriends get-together.  I have several sleeveless sweaters similar (below) in gray and white. Both of which look great with jeans.  I also have dressy white pants that work when a more polished look is needed. 

The photo below is from The Jo Lynn Shane Fashion blog. It is amazing the advice, and fashion tricks that are just a click away. She is pretty much a regular person with a good fashion sense.  I love the way she describes herself. 

I’m the girlfriend that keeps you in the know with the latest trends, the best sales, and real life outfits ideas for the typical suburban mom… Because friends do not let friends wear mom jeans.  

I like that.  I would love for you to consider me the same type of girlfriend. 

We all want to blend in and live our lives to the full. Being in the moment provides an amazing sense of satisfaction that comes from within.  Knowing that you look good only enhances that feeling. To get a compliment on your fashion sense - There are some things money can't buy....   

If we are going to be noticed let it be for dressing nicely. Tall does not matter. Short does not matter and neither does being a little overweight. 

If we are going to be noticed, let it be for looking our best.   

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